Company Strategies for the documentation process

You know you have done it. The boss has stated let us get our company procedures sorted out so you have hailed in certain Visio man who is put together your business process documentation. Now it is been printed off, bound up, signed and reviewed by the section head. Everybody is happy, right. Wrong. It is a waste of money and time doing so since it is simply paying lip service to the entire idea of business process management, and will bring about usually at a group of documentation in a drawer for several years. If You Believe performing this will allow you to grow to be a sleeker, more effective, business thing then you are sorely mistaken. This may really have the opposite impact on your customers. They will resent the time they have spent helping place the documentation together, there is absolutely no guarantee that it is the ideal procedure and therefore there is no guarantee that it will be followed.

Actually you are not alone in doing so. A number of businesses have fallen in exactly the exact same trap of believing a documented procedure is a defined and handled one procedure. However, it does not need to be like this. Let us look at ways out. If at all possible attempt to ensure you do not confuse documenting procedures with defining and handling them. If you would like to find some documentation of exactly what your procedures are, then bring in somebody who knows about easing procedures and make them do the job for you. But know yourself WHY you are doing so. When it is simply to say I have recorded the procedures then you are probably doing so for the wrong motives. When it is a component of a larger inspection then this is a bit better. If it is a small step into a Bigger Company Process Management initiative that really is the best reason of

Provided that you have spent time documenting your procedures, make certain this is the onset of the procedure instead of the end. Look at the way you are able to take the documented procedures and utilize them as a foundation for improvements and look at intelligent document processing platform. Do not consider this as the ending condition the gospel according to St Procedure, but consider this as the initial step in a trip to procedure salvation. Utilize the Present documentation for a springboard to Construct a Complete procedure documentation set – and a process management capacity I know it is painful to Throw things away that you have worked but the truth is that unless the procedure documents were placed together under the jurisdiction of a person who knows the way to record and handle procedures, the odds are that they would not be right. They may not completely reflect the procedure as it is.