Finding the Perfect Business Name with Brandlance

A brand naming firm that is worth its salt will do more than send a creative company name. They will see the proverbial big picture and set you up with a future marketing platform that will provide ongoing marketing campaigns. The complete corporate identity package should include.

Branding Agency

A Great Business Name

This is the building block. But it is not the only piece, just the basis from which you may align the remainder of your company. The name has to be flexible without being obscure. It has to be instinctive without being generic or too descriptive. Consider it as writing the one word novel. It has to communicate the essence of who you are and what you are about. What seems to be a simple job is often quite difficult given the limitations of brevity.

Corporate Identity or Logo Design

The brand name and appearance would not be complete without a matching logo. Again, witness the power of the Nike swooshes mark, now rated among the most Brandlance review icons in the world. And even young kids will react to the sight of McDonald’s golden arches long until they could spell or even say the name. The objective of logo design ought to be simplicity. Just as in the title, it should use the minimum quantity of graphics and colours to set it apart. Mobil is set in Helvetica type, the most common around, but Theo is in red, while the remaining letters are in blue – simple but unforgettable. In this case, less is more

  1. Domain Name Acquisition

Since many Internet and brick and mortar shops rely heavily on the net for earnings, it is very important that a naming company locates the specific title or a close approximation to your organization. Avoid trite therapies such ashy ore in front of your title since they have an amateurish awareness to them. The simpler and powerful the title, the increased credibility you will create. Many businesses make the mistake of going cheap here.

  1. Trademark Business Name Search

With over 20 million domain names in use, it is prudent to have a trademark research done on any title in which you are going to spend time and money. Another common misconception is that only 1 company may use a name. Actually there are over 40 Goods and Service groups listed with the USPTO and so long as you clear the title in your category, somebody else can have the exact same name in a different category.

As an example, a farmer with the name Smith’s Apples would not need to be concerned about Apple Computer suing them for trademark infringement. Apple can do it, but they probably would lose. Names cannot be confusingly similar in the exact categories.