Hague agreement concerning the international deposit of industrial designs

On November 6, 1925 the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs was adopted within the framework of the Paris Convention. The Agreement participated in pressure on June 1, 1928 along with has actually been changed and supplemented countless times. Two Acts of the Hague Agreement are currently active. These 2 Acts are independent and totally independent of each other. Each of them in itself constitutes a worldwide treaty. The global comments in paragraphs 5.338 and 5.339 put on both of these Acts. Because around 95 percent of global down payments are impacted under the 1960 Act, the ensuing comprehensive summary of the stipulations associates with that Act.

Industrial design

The chief purpose of the deposit of industrial designs is to enable defense to be acquired for one or more commercial designs in a variety of States through a solitary down payment submitted with the International Bureau of WIPO. Anyone entitled to impact a worldwide down payment has the possibility of acquiring, using a solitary down payment made with the International Bureau of WIPO. The candidate is therefore relieved of the requirement to make a separate nationwide down payment in each of the States in which he requires protection. A global deposit might be made by any all-natural or legal individual that is a nationwide of one of the Contracting States or has his residence or a real and also effectual commercial or business establishment in among those States.

A worldwide down payment does not want any previous national down payment. It is made straight with the International Bureau of WIPO by the depositor or his rep on a form offered free of charge by the International Bureau. It might be made with the national Office of a Contracting State if the regulation of such State so permits. The regulation of a Contracting State may likewise require the international down payment be made through the national Office of that State. Non-compliance with this obligation does not prejudice the effects of the worldwide deposit in the additional Contracting States.

The working languages for the conclusion of the 1960 Act of the Hague Agreement are English along with French. A worldwide application might be filed in either of these languages at the choice of the applicant. International down payments and any modification impacting them are entered in the international register and released in this site Any type of correspondence in between the International Bureau and the depositor is in the language in which the global application was submitted.