Treatment of recurrent varicose veins by Sclerosant foam

Varicose veins repeat regularly after essential medical procedure. The recognized pace of repeat is at any rate 25 percent, essentially in light of the fact that no mechanical methods for varicose vein treatment changes heredity or the penchant for varicose veins to observe the Mendelian laws of legacy.  Repetitive varicose veins are progressively common after extraordinary saphenous ligation 35 percent than in the wake of stripping 18 percent. An audit of distributions regarding the matter of variceal repeat from 1954 to 1988 discovered paces of return of varices following medical procedure of varicose veins to extend from 14 percent to 80 percent, with most of the papers revealing 30-70 percent intermittent varices.

Among patients who have had medical procedure, the most regularly referred to cause is erroneous medical procedure. Erik Lofgren, the regarded and spearheading phlebologic specialist of the Mayo Clinic, said in 1977: Early repeat of varicosities inside 2-3 years of the vein stripping activity is deciphered as being brought about by inadequate medical procedure and repeat past 3 years is deciphered as being brought about by breakdown of different veins that were clinically typical at the activity. With the wide utilization of symptomatic ultrasound, that end has been tested. Allegra, for instance, expressed, varicose veins repeated notwithstanding in fact right varicobooster cena procedure affirmed on post-employable duplex ultrasonography.


20 percent of intermittent varicose veins are accepted to be because of neovascularization, and a dispersed not many are because of irregular life systems. Fischer announced three fundamental examples of neovascularization among patients who had late intermittent saphenofemoral intersection reflux after ligation and stripping. outlines these as single-channel 29 percent, multichannel 41 percent and circumjunctional 29 percent.  Patients were gotten more than four years in referral at a solitary site private practice office. A history itemizing past medicines and confusions was recorded. An engaged physical assessment was enhanced by a normalized duplex ultrasound assessment. A venous guide was made for each lower furthest point considered for treatment.

Patients with intermittent varices, regardless of whether of essential or post-thrombotic etiology, in the incredible or little saphenous vein circulation were remembered for this investigation These were appendages with protuberant, saccular varicose veins and a past filled with past intercession by medical procedure, laser or radiofrequency conclusion. Avoidances were appendages treated by sclerotherapy without medical procedure, confined telangiectasias, appendages that were a piece of the Klippel-Trenaunay disorder, appendages with intrinsic or obtained arteriovenous contortions, and appendages with venous abnormalities. Not barred were legs with venous ulceration, a past filled with ulceration and additionally lipodermatosclerosis CEAP arrangement C4, C5 and C6.